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Resin Bound Surfacing in London

A resin bound surface is not only great for driveways but is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including pathways, footpaths and public spaces. It is a more sleek and durable choice than asphalt surfacing and overall, longer lasting.

The current industry guidance on mixing resin-bound surfacing involves a graded kiln dried aggregate being mixed with a stable UV binding resin. This ensures every stone is covered. This mix is then applied to the driveway over a sub base layer, so that the surface is structurally sound and the resulting surface is smooth and slip resistant.

As resin bound surface is porous groundwork – when installed over the proper sub base it will allow water to easily drain into the ground, rather than sitting on the surface. This will have the effect of reducing the water run-off from your drive and lessening the demand on your drains under heavy weather.

Why Choose Us?

At Manor Driveways we supply and fit all components of your resin driveway. This results in a superior finished, hard wearing and permeable resin bound surface. As mentioned these are not only perfect for driveways but is an exceptional choice for paths, walkways, patios, car parks and pavements, due to the permeability and durability.

Why a Resin Driveway?

The surface has a smooth and consistent appearance, all the resin driveways we install are done by hand, ensuring an even, smooth finish. The seamless finish of the driveway means the surface looks modern and professional. They are perfect for a business or residence.

Durable and Robust

Resin bound surfaces are more durable than the other options available, they require no maintenance and only minimal care. Highly resistant to light vehicle use, they are also resistant to frost, cracking and weeds.

This makes them the preferred option among home-owners for a drive that will outlast other materials available.


Professional Surfacing in London

Whether you need a full driveway laid or an existing drive repaired, our team are methodical and skilled.